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Cover for The Last of the Ageless
In a post-apocalyptic landscape, humans, mutants, and a handful of alien survivors scratch out a meager existence, splitting themselves up into clans and tribes. A young shapeshifter must pass a test of adulthood in the wastelands far from home and find his way through a violent world at odds with his people’s teachings.

Readers compare it to Stephen King’s Dark Tower series.

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About Traci Loudin

I believe stories bring people together. Stories help us understand the world and ourselves better. They help us live a fuller life.

But that doesn’t mean we need to read stuffy “Literature” with a capital L! Stories should be fun and adventurous! They should capture our imaginations and take us far from here. They should excite and terrify us. They should make us long to live in that world—or be thankful that we don’t!

That’s why I write dark epic fantasy. It’s fun, it’s adventurous, and sometimes it’s terrifying. Let’s go explore the dark corners of the world of Renjian…