Since I restarted serious writing in November, I haven't read much science fiction or fantasy. Instead, I've mainly been reading blogs, SFF news sites, Twitter, and Google+ content.

Many authors have said that they read less now than before they were published. This is somewhat alarming to many writers, including me, considering how little I'm reading as it is.

Female Readers and Sci-Fi

Apparently plenty of people still think women are less interested in science fiction than men. I was dismayed to read this question in a recent interview of Christy Johnson (chair of the Millennicon sci-fi convention that just took place this weekend): "Most people have this idea that science fiction is a 'guy thing.' How does the convention combat this idea?"

And this is not just word on the street. Hollywood recently demonstrated epic marketing fail when it decided to remove "of Mars" from the title of the John Carter movie because it might somehow "turn off" female viewers.

The Ageless: A Milestone

This week marks a milestone in writing The Ageless. So even though I know I said I wouldn't blog much about my own writing habits, I want to record this for my own sake.

If this isn't your cup of tea, next week I'll be back with interesting topics in the science fiction and fantasy genres, or you can follow me on Twitter or Google+ for cool SFF stuff in between blog posts.

Otherwise, forge ahead!

Escaping Into Speculative Fiction

People read and watch science fiction and fantasy novels and movies for myriad reasons. In a future post, I'd like to look at the various purposes of science fiction and fantasy, but for now, let's just focus on one of the big reasons people read speculative fiction — for entertainment and escape.

Science fiction and fantasy novels [usually] transport us to alternate worlds, time periods, even dimensions. We're follow characters whose lives aren't that similar to our own (cubicle dweller?), even if they start out that way. And the situations they find themselves in... well, I assume most of you don't often fight evil sorcerers, leap over tall buildings in a single bound, or face impending doom if an asteroid's course isn't corrected.

(13/365) Want to escape...
(13/365) Want to escape... by Sarah G. | Flickr
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