Announcing the Ardent Alliance (Patreon Community)

I recently started a Patreon and named it the Ardent Alliance.

The Last of the Ageless post apocalyptic adventure novel header imageI like to think of it as a community because it’s not just one way. Recently I asked my supporters whether they thought my character’s name would be better spelled as Kannen or Kanenn. As an Ardent, you can respond to surveys, comment on my posts, and even start your own posts in the community.

The Ardent Alliance is your backstage pass to what I’m working on, where you can directly impact my career as an author. And you get cool stuff, too!

Recent Patreon Perks

If you join the Ardent Alliance for just $1 a month, you’ll already have access to:

  • The Last of the Ageless desktop backgrounds
  • Ageless trivia
  • Deleted fight scene from The Last of the Ageless
  • Deleted chapters from The Rifts of Renjian series (work in progress)


Patreon Rewards Coming Soon

I’ll release these to the Ardent Alliance in the next few months:

  • Never before published short story set after The Last of the Ageless
  • Character sheets from my work in progress
  • Excerpts from first book in The Rifts of Renjian (work in progress)

Get more details below.

Sound like fun?

Join the Ardent Alliance


So far my Ardents have helped me pay for membership to the Broad Universe, which got me into the Rapid Fire Reading at ConCarolinas, as mentioned in a previous post. I’ll also use the funds for stuff like hiring editors and cover artists for my books.

Get more details below! 


Rewarding You For Your Support

Get rewards based on your level of support, my dear future Ardent!

My faithful $1/month Patreon supporters receive:
  • Behind the scenes info about what I’m working on, my writing routine, research behind the writing, and whatever else you’d like to know!
  • Ageless desktop backgrounds and social media headers
  • Ageless trivia
  • Previews of cover concepts and final cover art
  • Excerpts of my work in progress (unedited)
  • Deleted scenes from my work in progress (unedited)
  • Short stories before they’re published
  • Ways to provide your input, such as surveys and polls


The Ardent Citizen ($2/month) tier:
  • Everything from the lower tiers
  • Your name in the Acknowledgments of future novels
  • Mobi (Kindle), epub, PDF formats of all novels I publish
  • Full chapter packs of my work in progress (unedited)
  • Character interviews, voice tests, character sheets


The Ardent Voter ($4/month) tier:
  • Everything from the lower tiers
  • Suggest and vote on blog topics and Patreon posts
  • Suggest and vote on a SF/F book or movie I read/watch and review
  • One read-aloud chapter per year (vote on which novel/story it’s from)


The Ardent Powers That Be ($5/month) tier:
  • Everything from the lower tiers
  • Extra short story per year, exclusive to the Powers That Be!
  • Articles and advice on becoming an author yourself
  • Annual Google Hangout where I’ll answer questions you submit


The Hero Ardent ($10/month) tier:
  • Everything from the lower tiers
  • Two post cards sent each year from strange science fictional locales
  • An autographed paperback of your choosing (right now it’s just TLOTA) mailed to you each year


So… can  you spare $1 a month to help get my author career off the ground AND get some fun perks in return? Because I’d love to have you along.

Join the Ardent Alliance