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2019 Status: Yes, I am still writing, but will not publish anything anytime soon. Thank you for your interest, and I hope you enjoy reading The Last of the Ageless and its companion short stories.


Traci Loudin’s early years

My parents began reading to me from a very early age, and I’ve always loved science fiction and fantasy. As a young West Virginian, I always looked forward to library trips with my mother to both of our small town’s libraries.

Lost on VenusWhen I was in the third grade, I wanted to read my father’s science fiction collection soooo badly — especially Edgar Rice Burroughs’s Venus series with their interesting covers filled by strange beasts and bizarre landscapes. He eventually read H.G. Wells’s War of the Worlds to me. I thought it was the best bedtime story ever.

Eventually able to read on my own, I proceeded to devour Edgar Rice Burroughs’s Pellucidar series and other series. I became a voracious reader, and sooner or later, all that input begged for an output.

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How long have you been writing?

My writing career began at age 10. We’d go on family camping trips, and while my cousins played softball, I wrote stories. I started with a cute little story about a boy and a girl who join the monsters who’ve been terrorizing their small village. You could say the science fiction and fantasy aspects of my stories have evolved a little since then.

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What are your favorite speculative fiction genres?

Post-apocalyptic. Future Earth. Alternate world. I also enjoy “epic fantasy with boundaries,” you might say. Stories that make you think and feel something.


Got any favorite books to recommend to hungry SFF readers?

These are some of my favorites, in no particular order. I’ll make it easy and link you over to your local Amazon:

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More interview questions

Extra! Extra!

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