Riftblade: World Asunder

Coming Soon!

Riftblade: World Asunder is the first book of my new epic fantasy series, The Rifts of Renjian.

Kanen is a good soldier, but when his entire battalion is slaughtered by invading enchanters, he can do nothing to stop them. A lone enchanter throws him from the battlefield, leaving him the sole survivor. Now he must reconcile his people’s desire for vengeance with the knowledge that the enchanters aren’t all fighting on the same side.

Long ago, a celestial event disrupted the magic core of the planet Renjian, causing magic to burst forth into geysers called rifts. These rifts run in seams like tectonic plates, dividing the world into fragments and making it difficult to cross from fragment to fragment through the dangerous rifts. But Kanen sees something dark and terrifying trapped in those rifts. And the celestial event is coming again.


Epic Fantasy Novel Status

  • I’ve finished the 3rd draft
  • Beta readers have provided feedback
  • I’m working on the 4th draft incorporating their feedback
  • Cover art is to be determined (what you see here is a placeholder)


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