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Riftblade World Asunder - my Patreon supports got a sneak peek at the cover design conceptsAbout The Rifts of Renjian

The magic in this series revolves around whether an enchanter is born in the summer or winter. Sorry, children of spring and fall, you have no magic powers!

Riftfall (Book II) Milestones:

  • May 2016: Outlining
  • August 2016: First draft begins
  • February 2017: Revising character arcs and outlines
  • March 2017: Draft 1.5 (review previously written scenes + write the rest)
  • May 2017: Draft 1.5 is complete!

Riftblade (Book I) Milestones:

  • Late June 2014: Synthesizing ideas
  • July 2014: Technology research, character and setting development, magic
  • Aug. 2014: Character refinements and plot outline begin
  • Sept. 2014: Naming, early prewriting wraps up
  • Jan. 2015: Some more prewriting
  • Late Aug. 2015: Prewriting wraps
  • Sept. 2015: First draft begins
  • Dec. 2015: First draft done
  • May 2016: Second draft done
  • June 2016: Third draft started
  • August 2016: Third draft done & beta reading started
  • September 2016: Beta reading done
  • October 2016: Begin revising based on beta reader feedback
  • February 2017: Finish revisions based on beta reader feedback + send back to beta readers
  • March 2017: Cover art
  • April 2017: Exchanged full manuscript with critique partner C.J. Parmenter
  • August 2017: Began revision based on several critique partners’ feedback
  • Next step: Copy editing (contact me to apply as copy editor)

Kanenn is a good soldier, but when his entire battalion is slaughtered by invading Enchanters, he can do nothing to stop them. A lone Enchanter throws him from the battlefield, leaving him the sole survivor. Now he must reconcile his people’s desire for vengeance with the knowledge that the Enchanters aren’t all fighting on the same side.


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About The Last of the Ageless

Directed by his tribe’s belief in the Ancient Teachings, Dalan saved the life of a fellow shapeshifter, only to learn she didn’t need rescued at all — quite the opposite — Nyr deserved to die.

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  • Cover for The Last of the Ageless2001: Began writing
  • 2010: Major revisions left the novel at 87,000 words, but without an ending
  • Nov. 2011: Fresh rewrite begins
  • July 2012: Completed draft sits at 130,000 words
  • March 2013: Beta readers and final revisions begin
  • Sept. 2014: Developmental edits begin
  • Feb. 2015: Copy edits begin
  • May 2015: Round 2 beta reading ends
  • June 2015: Proofreading begins
  • July 2015: Final production and preorder available
  • August 2015: Publication!

Find out when and where you can get a copy of The Last of the Ageless on the Books page.

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