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Six-Month Checkup: 2014 Edition

I can’t believe the year is already halfway through! I’ve got some news to report about The Ageless, my post-apocalyptic futuristic sci-fi with fantasy elements, as well as the new novel I’ve only just begun.

The Ageless: Beta Readers


Crushed Ideas (Broken by aunullah on Flickr)

Not long after I created the Gantt chart I mentioned in my 2014 Writing and Publishing Plans post, I decided what I really wanted to do was to break up my beta readers into two groups. I had enough volunteers (~20) that I thought it would be better to do two rounds. Namely because I didn’t want 10 or so people all telling me the same problems.

I thought by breaking it into two groups I’d be able to get feedback from one group, make revisions, and then send it to the next group to find out if I’d improved it.
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Two Years’ Worth of Books!?!

Two Years’ Worth of Books!?!

Halloween really is the best time of the year, when even non-geeks dress up and role-play as all manner of spooks.

Geek Gala Halloween BashIn keeping with last year’s tradition, Dorian and I — along with some pals — attended the Geek Gala put on by the esteemed Charlotte Geeks. I dressed as a pirate. They had a great backdrop reading “A – Z-ombies Day Care” for photos.
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