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ConCarolinas 2016 Recap: Part 1

As usual, ConCarolinas was awesome. I learned a ton of fantastic writing and marketing tips from my fellow science fiction and fantasy authors, and even took part in a Rapid Fire Reading with the Broad Universe! I read from page 10 of The Last of the Ageless, when Dalan first gets himself into trouble…

Because this post will be long, I’ve decided to break it into two THREE parts. Part 1 covers most of Friday and parts of Saturday. Part 2 contains notes from panels on planning a trilogy, marketing, and how to end your story. And Part 3 will be my own reflections.

Part 1 Table of Contents


Rapid Fire Reading

Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading ConCarolinas 2016When Calandra Usher invited me to the reading and then reminded me it was at 9 pm Friday, I got the jitters. But Cali is awesome and she helped me pick the right scene for the reading!

I’ve only done one public reading before at my old high school. So this was pretty exciting for me, and what I hope is a taste of things to come.

Each member of the Broad Universe went down the line and read 3 minutes’ worth of goodness from their latest work in progress or published novel. And when my turn came, I don’t think I tripped over a single word. Or if I did, I probably skipped it.

Everyone had something awesome to read. Next year we’re going to provide a list of works or pass around some sort of mailing list so people can find the stories they liked best.

I was just super stoked to see my name on a piece of paper with all of these fine folks. Big thanks to the Ardent Alliance for supporting my writing career and giving me the funding for membership with the Broad Universe!

Broad Universe logo

The Broad Universe is an organization dedicated to the support of female science fiction, fantasy, and horror writers. That doesn’t mean Broad Universe is strictly limited to female membership, however, and in fact we had male-identifying authors read on Friday. All speculative fiction authors who uphold the Universe’s mission can join. See the FAQs.
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A Record-Breaking Renaissance Festival

I have returned from my travels to the Carolina Renaissance Festival during Time Travelers Weekend! I was an author guest with Park Road Books this weekend. Together, Edward McKeown, J. Matthew Saunders and I sold each others’ books and signed them (our own, of course).

Meet Traci Loudin at Carolina Renaissance FestivalThe Carolina Ren Faire broke record attendance on Saturday with over 15,000 attendees! Matthew and I were dressed as steampunks and Ed was a British colonialist (or a French swordsman on Sunday), traveling through time to the Renaissance. Together, our books spanned from 600 years in our past up through 50,000 years in the future.

Captain Jack Sparrow Stormtrooper CosplayAfter spending the entire day on my feet Saturday, I was exhausted on Sunday and made a few blunders including misspelling a Stefanie as Stephanie. She was gracious about it, though I felt absolutely terrible and corrected the spelling as best I could…

Ed, Matthew, and I made a great team, each with our own styles of pulling people in. Matthew had his dark and mysterious going on (perfectly in keeping with his subject matter), Ed tended to draw people in with friendly conversation, and I brought them in with, let’s admit it, my charming smile. ;D


The Pulsating Pickle Technique

Photo of Miguel and his pickle by Michelle Erica Green

On Saturday, Miguel of the talented and hilarious Don Juan and Miguel troupe came by to show us his, errm, pulsating pickle trick… Yes, you read that correctly: We were treated to a very intimate and backstage viewing of how Miguel gets his pickle properly pulsating.

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Time Traveling for Signed Books

The Indie 50 nomination period is open until November 22nd and The Last of the Ageless is eligible. Please nominate your favorites!

And now… Forward in time! Join me for a weekend of time-traveling debauchery at the Annual Carolina Renaissance Festival and Artisan Marketplace! (What a mouthful! Who knew that was its full name?)

Carolina Renaissance Festival - Time Travelers WeekendThere will be jousting!


There will be turkey legs!

And there will be signed copies of the The Last of the Ageless!

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