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2014 Reading Retrospective: Year of the Female SFF Author

A year ago, I decided to balance the scales and devote 2014 to reading 18 books by female science fiction and fantasy authors. In 2012 and 2013, the ratio of male to female authors on my reading lists was about 2:1. You can check out my previous series of blog posts for the details:

If you’re looking to expand your own reading habits, check out the lists and articles on women science fiction and fantasy authors at the bottom of this post.

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Switching Between Victorian Steampunk and Lunar SciFi

This week, I welcome +AmyBeth Inverness back to Worldbinding to talk about how she manages to switch between Victorian steampunk and lunar science fiction without losing her mind! As you all know, I love the entire spectrum of speculative fiction. I’m preparing to write a secondary-world fantasy while fully expecting my editor to pop back in with revisions to my post-apocalyptic future Earth novel anytime, which is why I was interested to hear about how AmyBeth handles the challenge of switching genres. Check out her article below.

Switching Genres Without Losing My Mind

I have many, many stories running around in my head. Some are strictly scifi, and some are pure fantasy. Many of those have a strong romantic theme, and might be categorized in the romance genre. My OCD brain does not like to switch between genres. I much prefer to completely immerse myself in one world I’ve created and write an entire story in a short period of time. I might do a little planning and plotting for other stories within the same series, but I resist switching gears to a completely different world.

This is not always convenient. As a professional author, I have deadlines and commitments and I can’t always let myself work on whatever strikes the muse’s fancy at any given moment.

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ConCarolinas 2014 recap

ConCarolinas 2014 was a blast. I’ll recap some of the fun non-writerly stuff first, from live music to shadow casting, and then delve into what I learned from the wide variety of awesome topics explored by fantastic science fiction and fantasy authors.

Note: Though George R.R. Martin was the guest of honor, I didn’t see him the entire weekend. So if you’re seeking a G.R.R.M. squee post, this isn’t the blog you’re looking for…

I’ll have to save my notes from the science fiction and fantasy writing panels for another post, as this one’s long enough as is. (And I definitely came down with a case of the con crud this week…)

Fun Stuff

Sherlock Holmes and Traci Loudin at ConCarolinas 2014, a scifi con in Charlotte, NCI decided not to cosplay this year. One reason being, it’s more fun to cosplay with friends than solo. (And easier — if you have a costume that makes using the bathroom difficult for one thing.) But I definitely saw lots of awesome cosplayers, which you can check out in my ConCarolinas 2014 album.
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