Changing Gears

Yesterday I worked entirely too much on this website. So last night, in preparation to write today, I:

  • closed all browser windows (I’m a tabaholic)
  • opened my story folder
  • turned my laptop off
  • tried to get a good night’s rest (I love sleep and need eight hours to function)

I’ve found the lure of the Interwebs is strong, so usually when I know I’m going to write, I keep Chrome closed to avoid the distraction. Then while I’m writing, the only time I’ll allow myself to open a broswer is to look up a word in the dictionary.

The last few weeks, I had been working on the subplot of my current project, The Ageless, which you can see on my calendar notes.

However, last week I wrote a chunk of the main plot and finished that part this week. It’s a relatively boring scene (to me as the writer), in which the characters are just moving through the world. But it’s also the first scene with Nyr as the viewpoint character, which made it fun to write and, hopefully, to read.

On Thursday, I wrote about 900 words on that plot line and realized I wouldn’t be able to go any further until I knew what happened in the other plotline. So that’s what I started on today.

To get into the mindset after all my random activities this morning, I tried to listen to an episode of Writing Excuses. That didn’t work out (crazy router / internet connection), so I just dove in and got started. I can do that, but only sometimes.

Got through about 1,200 words on the subplot today, but I was feeling drowsy from a mixture of not sleeping well last night, medicine for my cold, and sitting in the sun, so I had to stop there. I did do a little research and setup for the next part whenever I take up the quill next week. I was a little disappointed I couldn’t go any further, but when I read the same sentence three times, I knew it was definitely quitting time.

So, overall, not too shabby this week. Completed my goal of writing twice (Thursday and today). Came to around 2,100 words.

In other news, if you look around, you’ll see the website is finally past its “first draft” and is starting to look somewhat professional, if I do say so myself. I’ve never worked with CSS before, and it is quite interesting! So much easier to maintain consistency compared to back in the day when I used to handcode the HTML for my old Geocities sites.

I definitely enjoy experimenting and learning through trial and error. In the past couple decades, I’ve taught myself HTML, VBA, and now a smattering of CSS. They are useful skills to have.

Announcement: It’s official! The new name is Worldbinding, with a subtitle of Binding science fiction and fantasy worlds to the page with words.

I wanted to convey the sense of discovery I feel when I’m creating a world or character and it almost seems to already exist, just waiting to be bound into book format. I oftentimes don’t feel so much like a worldbuilder as a worldbinder.

Naturally, I did a couple of weeks’ worth of research before settling on the name. Other possibilities involved the mind’s eye, quills, chronicles, and other ideas revolving around worlds. But there’s not much SEO competition on worldbinding, and as my brother said, it just seems more original. Thanks to all those who provided feedback, advice, and suggestions via personal channels. I promise your names will appear in my first book, even if it’s self-published!