The Last of the Ageless Available in Ebook & Paperback FormatsJust finished writing 1,830 words on the subplot of The Ageless. I thought I’d stop there, having finally moved both groups into position, facing off against each other. But then I went ahead and wrote 545 from the main character’s viewpoint, to get me set up to write this awesome scene next time.

It’s the first time the two plotlines actually converge, and it’s a bit of a skirmish. Kind of a free-for-all, rather than Group A versus Group B. Can’t wait to finish that scene next time. I think since it’s such an exciting part (a mini climax), I’ll be able to dive right in.This morning, I realized I didn’t have time to go through getting in the writing mood by listening to Writing Excuses as I do when I’m not in the right mindset. Instead, I just dove in. Probably helped that it was before lunch rather than after. I’d like to keep writing, but right now, it’s time for food!

In other news, Worldbinding is now connected to my Goodreads profile, and I also put the widget above my Twitter widget to show what I’m reading right now. Yesterday I was checking out the Goodreads author program, and it looks awesome. One day when I get a book deal, I definitely plan to use Goodreads to promote it, as shown in their slideshow. Will be fun to give out free copies and watch the buzz grow.