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The Ageless Short Story Collection

Get the four short stories below in one ebook collection, and for 50% off compared to buying them individually!Four Ageless Companion Short Stories


  • The Last Tail-Horse
  • When All Is Lost
  • The Beginning of the End
  • The Voice of the Darkness

These four short stories are set before the events of the novel, The Last of the Ageless

The Last Tail-Horse: When Dalan discovers the last of a mutant species of beautiful, golden horses, he’s forced to make a difficult decision.

When All Is Lost: Korreth’s fellow slaves succumb to despair under harsh masters. But Korreth knows he must keep hope alive and find the right time to escape.

The Beginning of the End: When one of Soledad’s friends turns up dead, she’s determined to find out what happened to him. But to unravel the horror of his murder, she must first survive the dangers of the wastelands as mutants chase her across the ruins of a fallen world.

The Voice of the Darkness: As a member of the bloodthirsty Hellsworth Tribe, the shapeshifter Nyr longs for the day when she’ll challenge her clan master for the right to lead. But before then, she must prove herself worthy.

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