Editing Testimonials

I’ve had the opportunity to work with a lot of great people over the years. Here’s what they have to say about me.

Traci is the kind of editor that not only fixes your grammar but also helps you view your writing in a whole new perspective. She helps you dig into characters and plots through detailed feedback and helps you elevate your writing to new and exciting places. My writing has grown immeasurably due to her thoughtful and creative input!

— Melissa Cady
Stephanie Catlett

“Others have mentioned that she is the best editor they’ve worked with, and I would definitely second that — Traci is nothing if not meticulous!”

— Stephanie Catlett, Lowes.com copywriter (excerpted from LinkedIn)

“I have a deep appreciation for Traci. She never impedes on the writer’s voice, she knows when to be flexible for the sake of creativity, and she is always professional.”

— Alison Henry, Lowes.com copywriter (excerpted from LinkedIn)

“After working with her directly for over two years, I can safely say that Traci undoubtedly contributed to my success as a copywriter for Lowes.com. Under her watch, nothing slipped through the cracks or went overlooked.”

— Matt Shuford, Lowes.com copywriter (excerpted from LinkedIn)

“To say she has an excellent eye for detail is an understatement by great measure. She is tight on EVERY (and I do mean every) part of the editing process, whether you’re talking spelling, punctuation, and grammar or style, voice, and oh my goodness, FACTS.”

— Jameya Porter, Lowes.com copywriter (excerpted from LinkedIn)

“Always at the ready to answer a question about a forgotten style point or diplomatically hash out different opinions about another, she’s definitely on my very short list of great editors that I’ve teamed up with in my career.”

— Courtney Gaillard, Lowes.com editor (excerpted from LinkedIn)

“She’s open and honest and always wants to do what’s best for the customer, the team and the company. I could go on, but I know Traci appreciates brevity.”

— Marc Atwood, Lowes.com content manager (excerpted from LinkedIn)

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