So, as expected, Thanksgiving wrecked last week’s writing goals. However, the word count for last week wasn’t too shabby even though I only wrote one day. Finished the week at a little over 2,500 words.

My natural tendency is to berate myself for my failings last week and become disheartened, thereby spiraling into another couple months without writing anything. Still trying to tell myself otherwise. Everyone needs a break, and Thanksgiving is kind of an unavoidable one.

I was in Charlotte on Thanksgiving Day at a friend’s house then drove up to my homeland Friday and stayed through Sunday, going to various family gatherings. And since Sunday is the last day of my writing week and traffic was horrible, that didn’t help much. So, no reason to fret. Or so half of me keeps saying. The other half says the sky is falling.

As for this week, it’s going slow so far. Only 600 or so words on Tuesday. But currently my true goal is to write twice a week, not to hit any particular word count. Which means I just need to write either today or tomorrow to maintain my current weight err, writing goals. As long as I keep myself from freaking out, I hope to avoid stepping off the path of consistent writing.

In other news, I am still trying to decide what to call this blog and have been soliciting suggestions from family and friends. Currently, Seeking the Path seems fitting because that’s what I’m doing: take a machete and chopping my way through daily life, trying to stay on the path and keep writing. That’s the current name. But it sounds quasi-religious and most people looking at it won’t know it’s a writing or science fiction / fantasy blog.

So I’ve been looking out for other good blog names with either a writing theme or speculative fiction theme. I think I came up with a good one this morning and the domain name is available… But as with anything you create, you have that “It’s brilliant!” glow immediately afterwards, which is dangerous, because after a few days you may look back and realize it really wasn’t. So, we’ll see what happens.

Today’s word of the day seems appropriate: operose

  1. Done with or involving much labor
  2. Industrious, as a person
The winter solstice approaches! I just realized that Dec. 22 falls right on the middle day of the week, and since my goals are weekly, that kind of confuses things, doesn’t it? It’s also my birth week, so I’ll shoot for writing twice that week and start the thrice-weekly writing the following week.