Publishing Dates for The Ageless Universe

It’s almost time! This week I’ll finish sending chapters of The Last of the Ageless to my beta readers. So I thought it might be a good idea to let you know when I plan to publish these blended science fiction/fantasy short stories and novels.

Upcoming Publication Schedule

  • April:
    • Email a free short story, “The Last Tail-Horse,” to subscribers
  • May:
    • Email final cover to subscribers
    • Post final cover reveal to blog and social media
  • June:
    • Publish “The Last Tail-Horse” exclusively to Amazon 
    • Email 2nd free short story to subscribers
  • July:
    • Publish 2nd short story everywhere
  • August:
    • Publish ebook of The Last of the Ageless to Amazon only (at first)
    • Email 3rd free short story to subscribers
  • September:
    • Publish paperback copies of The Last of the Ageless 
    • Publish 3rd short story everywhere
    • Email 4th free short story to subscribers
  • October:
    • Publish 4th short story everywhere
    • Email 5th free short story exclusively to subscribers
  • November:
    • Publish The Last of the Ageless everywhere (Kobo, Apple, Barnes & Noble, etc.)


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The Last of the Ageless

Cover for The Last of the Ageless

Three centuries ago, humans and aliens fought for control of the Earth, ending in an apocalyptic event known as the Catastrophe…

Dalan is a shapeshifter. He hails from a tribe of mutants dedicated to preserving fading species by taking their forms. To become fully recognized as an adult, he must pass a trial in the wastelands far from home.

Nyr is a killer. When her lust for bounty yields an ancient artifact of mysterious origin, everything she knows is turned upside down. Once a hunter, now a pawn, she must learn to rely on others to survive what’s coming.

Korreth is a slave. Without any extra talents, he depends on nothing more than his strength and wits as he flees the army of mutants that enslaved him. He must return home to warn his people before the swelling ranks of monsters threaten his family.

…but in the shadows, a new threat rises—one that could end what little remains of civilization: The Last of the Ageless.

What you can do while you wait