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  • 2015 Writing and Publishing Plans

    How did 2015 sneak up on me like that? Here I thought I’d publish my first book in 2014… I’m going to actually do it this year, though. In my last post, I reflected on what I did accomplish in 2014, such as outlining my next novel, attending scifi cons, and revising The Ageless. Looking […]

  • 2014 Recap and Reflections

    Before looking back, let’s assess the present: I’m working on narrowing down my title ideas for The Ageless. Right now I’m leaning toward The End of the Ageless, but we’ll see what my editors think. The Ageless survived major developmental edits and is now going through another phase of closer edits. I’m lining up a […]

  • Great Editors for SFF Novelists

    In my last post, I talked about how I started with a broad list of developmental editors, how I narrowed down the list, and how I ended up with a difficult decision among 5 really fantastic editors. In this post, I list those 5 editors and talk about why you might want to hire them […]