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  • 10 Science Fiction & Fantasy Books You Should Read (Indie Author Day)

    In celebration of Indie Author Day, I started thinking about all the great science fiction and fantasy I’ve read this year by indie authors. As you may know, I decided to make 2017 the Year of the Indie Author, in which I would read indie books exclusively. The year’s not over yet, so I won’t…

  • Celebrating International Read an eBook Day

    Did you know September 18th is International Read an Ebook Day? You can follow the slightly awkward hashtag #readanebookday on social media to read all about it. (Am I the only one who reads that as Read a Nebook Day?)

  • ConCarolinas 2016 Recap: Part 2

    Welcome back! This is part 2 in my ConCarolinas 2016 series. Go back to Part 1 for a summary of my second ever author reading, the writers and mental illness panel, Marvel on the Small Screen, Mystic Pregnancies and Magic Babies panel, The Author Dating Game, Epic Questing and Sharp SF. Next week I’ll also share some of my…