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ConTemporal 2012 recap

ConTemporal, a first-year steampunk and scifi convention, was this weekend. From the ConTemporal website:

The convention itself takes place in “Port Raleigh”, an aether and nautical port that is constantly travelling through space/time and is only able to stabilize its location for short periods of time. Each year, attendees will follow the crew of the ship ConTemporal and their adventures through time and space searching for the technology — or artifacts — they need to permanently stabilize the port. Their travels and the port’s temporary stabilizations will continuously influence décor and technology so look for the con to grow and change over the years.

Traci Loudin at ConTemporal Steampunk ConThat story, that background, really helped shape the entire convention.

As I said on Twitter, for a first-year con, it was amazing how much of a distinct personality it had already developed.
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    ConCarolinas 2012 recap

    Finally coming down from my post-convention high and able to write again. ConCarolinas 2012 was great fun, especially getting a chance to hang out with some fellow Charlotte Geeks and writers from local writing groups. Of course, the dangerous thing about ConCarolinas is that it will turn you into a science fiction convention addict. Now I can barely contain myself, waiting for ConTemporal later this month.

    J.L. Hilton from the Contact Infinite Futures blog called it a “rush of excitement and OMIGOD THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER feeling,” being at a con around so many cool actors, writers, and other fandom folks, which expresses my sentiments exactly. She also brings up the question, “What is it about sci-fi bad boys?” Interestingly, there was a writers’ track panel on that very topic!

    Bad Boy: Malcolm Reynolds FireflyReaders male and female love “bad boy” characters. They’re edgy, tough, and tough-talking. They can hold their own, and are calm, cool, and collected in almost any situation. They’re also unpredictable, which makes them fun. They are often the catalyst or driver of conflict. They’re usually not just along for the ride — they make things happen.
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      In the Company of Writers

      Dreamers Island by Gretchen HummelIt’s inspiring being around other writers, even if they don’t write science fiction and fantasy books. I recently attended the 90th anniversary party for the Charlotte Writers’ Club and listened to fellow science-fiction writer Gretchen Hummel read the intriguing beginning of her post-apocalyptic novel, Dreamer’s Island. While listening, I reflected on how challenging it is to read an excerpt of a science fiction novel aloud to a mostly non-SFF audience.
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