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  • Switching Between Victorian Steampunk and Lunar SciFi

    This week, I welcome +AmyBeth Inverness back to Worldbinding to talk about how she manages to switch between Victorian steampunk and lunar science fiction without losing her mind! As you all know, I love the entire spectrum of speculative fiction. I’m preparing to write a secondary-world fantasy while fully expecting my editor to pop back in […]

  • Moon Landings With Names From Fiction

    Today I’d like to welcome +AmyBeth Inverness to Worldbinding. I’m honored she made this a stop on her blog tour for One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor, a short story in her scifi series The Cities of Luna, which will come out tomorrow. More on that below. She’s here to talk about how many of our […]

  • Why Attend a Con in 2013?

    +Rebecca Blain is only my second guest blogger here at Worldbinding, and I wanted to be sure I properly introduced her. A fantasy novelist and freelancer, Rebecca has recently fallen in love with calligraphy and started a thriving Google+ community, Writing Resources. A no-nonsense supporter of her fellow writers, Rebecca inspires others to keep writing, and occasionally develops […]