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  • Why You Wish You Were Born on the Solstice

    When preparing to write my upcoming epic fantasy series, The Rifts of Renjian, I did a lot of research. Celestial workings matter because summer and winter children become magic wielders, or Enchanters. Children born in spring and fall (known as the Meridian seasons) have no magic powers. So I studied the seasons and how planetary bodies move.

  • Is Interactive Fiction the Next Storytelling Format?

    Is Interactive Fiction the Next Storytelling Format?

    There’s plenty of buzz about something called transmedia storytelling — stories that exist on multiple platforms, allowing the audience to enter the world whichever way they prefer. This could be through a novel, a movie, a console video game, a board game, short webisodes, web comics, interactive fiction, and so on. As a writer, I…

  • Extrapolating the Future

    In college, I wrote a story called “Sweet Dreams” about a girl who meets her clone. My science fiction and fantasy writing instructor’s major critique: It didn’t seem very futuristic. Other than cloning technology, I hadn’t extrapolated how other technologies might change in the future. A lack of extrapolation isn’t always a problem, of course. In…