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  • Agent Coulson Lives!

    One year ago, I reviewed The Avengers, weighed in on the sexism debate, called Hawkeye the damsel in distress, and decided the real heroes of the movie were the non-superheroes. But I still had several unanswered questions.   Why Hawkeye? Today I listened to Joss Whedon’s commentary on The Avengers, which answered some of the…

  • The Dark Knight Rises movie review

    The Dark Knight Rises movie review

    I loved Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. I liked their dark grittiness, their villains, and their plots. But I came away from The Dark Knight Rises with “meh” kind of feeling. It took me a few hours to put my finger on why. There were plenty of things I also liked about this movie, but…

  • The Avengers movie review

    The Avengers movie review

    There’ve been a few articles floating around examining Black Widow’s character, emotions, and reactions. This post will take a closer look at that topic, plus why Hawkeye gets enslaved, thoughts on Agent Coulson, and more. NOTE: SPOILERS FOLLOW