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  • Dystopian vs. Apocalyptic Fiction: What’s the difference?

    Much has been written that crosses the boundaries between dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction. To me, the biggest distinction is the conflict. Remember back to your high school English literature days… Remember when the teacher would ask you to identify whether a story was “man vs. man” or “man vs. nature”? Dystopian fiction tends to focus on […]

  • Scifi and Fantasy Music Videos

    This is my friend Darin Kennedy’s release week for The Mussorgsky Riddle, a paranormal mystery about a boy lost in the labyrinth of his own mind and the psychic who tries to save him. You can find it on Amazon and B&N. In honor of his debut novel, which contains musical themes throughout, I thought […]

  • Switching Between Victorian Steampunk and Lunar SciFi

    This week, I welcome +AmyBeth Inverness back to Worldbinding to talk about how she manages to switch between Victorian steampunk and lunar science fiction without losing her mind! As you all know, I love the entire spectrum of speculative fiction. I’m preparing to write a secondary-world fantasy while fully expecting my editor to pop back in […]