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Dystopian vs. Apocalyptic Fiction: What’s the difference?

Much has been written that crosses the boundaries between dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction. To me, the biggest distinction is the conflict. Remember back to your high school English literature days… Remember when the teacher would ask you to identify whether a story was “man vs. man” or “man vs. nature”?

Dystopian fiction tends to focus on character vs. society, whereas post-apoc often leans toward character vs. nature or character vs. character.

Hunger Games KatnissDystopia

Common Themes in Dystopian Stories

  • what it means to be human
  • corruption
  • abuse of power
  • authority
  • injustice
  • class system
  • freedom and the price of freedom
  • oppression


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Scifi and Fantasy Music Videos

This is my friend Darin Kennedy’s release week for The Mussorgsky Riddle, a paranormal mystery about a boy lost in the labyrinth of his own mind and the psychic who tries to save him. You can find it on Amazon and B&N.

In honor of his debut novel, which contains musical themes throughout, I thought I’d write a post about music. I cast about for music videos with a science fiction or fantasy element to them and set up a YouTube playlist. Since my favorite genre is metal, this playlist mainly consists of rock and metal (so… content warning), but I branched out a little.

Heads up! I’ll be at his Facebook event tomorrow evening to talk about his book and this blog post. Come and say hi!

Scifi & Fantasy Music Videos

Ballad of Mona Lisa by Panic! At The Disco is the featured steampunk selection here. If you’ve never heard Panic! before, this is a fun, peppy song that’s visually appealing. As you know, I love steampunk, so this video definitely caught my eye.

Bring ‘Em Down by Lostprophets just seems grungy until you get to about 2:12, and then there’s some future tech going on. You’ll see what it does at the end.
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Switching Between Victorian Steampunk and Lunar SciFi

This week, I welcome +AmyBeth Inverness back to Worldbinding to talk about how she manages to switch between Victorian steampunk and lunar science fiction without losing her mind! As you all know, I love the entire spectrum of speculative fiction. I’m preparing to write a secondary-world fantasy while fully expecting my editor to pop back in with revisions to my post-apocalyptic future Earth novel anytime, which is why I was interested to hear about how AmyBeth handles the challenge of switching genres. Check out her article below.

Switching Genres Without Losing My Mind

I have many, many stories running around in my head. Some are strictly scifi, and some are pure fantasy. Many of those have a strong romantic theme, and might be categorized in the romance genre. My OCD brain does not like to switch between genres. I much prefer to completely immerse myself in one world I’ve created and write an entire story in a short period of time. I might do a little planning and plotting for other stories within the same series, but I resist switching gears to a completely different world.

This is not always convenient. As a professional author, I have deadlines and commitments and I can’t always let myself work on whatever strikes the muse’s fancy at any given moment.

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