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Dystopian vs. Apocalyptic Fiction: What’s the difference?

Much has been written that crosses the boundaries between dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction. To me, the biggest distinction is the conflict. Remember back to your high school English literature days… Remember when the teacher would ask you to identify whether a story¬†was “man vs. man” or “man vs. nature”?

Dystopian fiction tends to focus on character vs. society, whereas post-apoc often leans toward character vs. nature or character vs. character.

Hunger Games KatnissDystopia

Common Themes in Dystopian Stories

  • what it means to be human
  • corruption
  • abuse of power
  • authority
  • injustice
  • class system
  • freedom and the price of freedom
  • oppression


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    2014 Recap and Reflections

    The Last of the Ageless available in ebook and paperback formatsBefore looking back, let’s assess the present: I’m working on narrowing down my title ideas for The Ageless. Right now I’m leaning toward The End of the Ageless, but we’ll see what my editors think.

    The Ageless survived major developmental edits and is now going through another phase of closer edits. I’m lining up a copy editor and proofreader and have drafted my next recruits to be my final round of beta readers. I have a huge list of designers, which I’ll start narrowing down in the next couple weeks.

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      Dragon*Con Writing Panels: Part 3

      It’s been a while since Dragon*Con, but I still have notes from 3 more panels I’d like to share with you: Worldbuilding 101, Peopling Your Fiction, and Social Media: Love It or Hate It?

      DragonCon Harry Potter Cosplay

      from Hitokiri_Ace on Flickr

      Science fiction and fantasy authors like Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Jim Butcher, Lynn Abbey, and more gave attendees some insight into how to start developing a world, how to create characters for that setting, and how to use social media once your book is released out into the wilds. Stick around for more after the jump.
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