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Thanks to the Families

Writer's Digest

I just got the latest edition of the Writer’s Digest, which includes an interesting article entitled “The Bolt From the Blue” by Celia Johnson.

The article features ten famous works and the “bolt” of inspiration that inspired their authors to write them, pulled from Celia Johnson’s book Dancing With Mrs. Dalloway: Stories of the Inspiration Behind Great Works of Literature
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    The Second Self

    In addition to the physical entity that can shake your hand and talk to you face-to-face, I also have a “second self” — the one that you’re interacting with right now. (Although I have to admit that perhaps interact isn’t the right word, since I may or may not even know you’ve read this.)

    This “second self” concept is explored in an interesting piece at TED by Amber Case, which you can watch below.

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