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  • Why You Wish You Were Born on the Solstice

    When preparing to write my upcoming epic fantasy series, The Rifts of Renjian, I did a lot of research. Celestial workings matter because summer and winter children become magic wielders, or Enchanters. Children born in spring and fall (known as the Meridian seasons) have no magic powers. So I studied the seasons and how planetary bodies move.

  • My Author Career Plan

    Recently I’ve been doing some soul searching in regards to my writing career. It sort of started with ConCarolinas and all the writing panels there, so this is the third post in my ConCarolinas series. Read the writing panel recap and the author marketing panel recap. So far, I’ve published one book and planned out…

  • Second Draft Complete!

    Yesterday I finished the second draft of my still untitled epic fantasy, codename Cast Beyond. So I need YOUR help picking the best title for this book! Take the survey: [button url=”https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/YHPZFSC”]Choose the Best Title[/button]   It now stands at 97,000 words. During the second draft, I: deleted 10 scenes added 15 scenes revised 36 scenes I’ll…