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  • It’s time for some FREE ebooks!

    Get 100 Awesome SF/F Books FREE So the big news this month is that a ton of great science fiction and fantasy authors have banded together to bring readers over 100 FREE books on March 5th and 6th. Every book in this promo is free either on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Program or on Kobo. Many […]

  • Fantasy and Science Fiction Super Sale (100+ Bargain Books!)

    Feast your eyes on some fantastic science fiction and fantasy books! 100+ books to choose from, all priced at $0.99 or FREE during the sale. Many of these are available on other retailers besides Amazon, like Kobo and B&N, or are the equivalent price worldwide. No need for a Kindle or special ereader device! More and more […]

  • Kindle Countdown Deal Oct 8-15

    Hello everyone! I’ve got a lot of great news to share today. First, The Last of the Ageless is a Kindle Countdown Deal from October 8th through 15th. One of my readers compared The Last of the Ageless to Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. I’ve never been so flattered! Now $0.99 in the US and £0.99 in […]