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The Secret World Storytelling

We’ve covered the setting and environments, your avatar, and the factions you’ll meet. Now on to the story. The basic idea of The Secret World is that a growing darkness, which manifests in many different ways, is gradually corrupting the world. All sources knowledgeable on the subject agree that it is growing exponentially.

In New England, the fog compelled many of the townsfolk to walk out into the sea and drown themselves, returning a few days later as the walking dead, known as draug. Cultists infest the shoreline and forested areas near town, and may even be responsible for resurrecting the decaying corpses that lie in the cemetery. A town under siege needs a hero.
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The Secret World Factions

As with many games of this nature, the various factions’ purposes conflict with each other, creating much of the story’s tension. And this world is no different. When creating your character you’ll find immediately that there are three major factions: the Illuminati, the Templars, and the Dragon.

The Illuminati are exactly what you think they are; they are the shadowy overlords of board rooms and businesses that control the world — powerful enough to even manifest their symbol on the back of a world superpower’s currency. But as ancient as they are, they mix blood magic and technology to great effect, allowing them to further their own plots and schemes. And just what are those schemes?
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