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  • Self-Editing: Second Pass

    A while ago, I talked about how I scoured the Internet for tips on self-editing a novel and concluded that three passes made sense. Today I’m back to share a checklist for revisions. (See the first pass here.) Tomorrow, I’ll send the first five chapters of The Ageless off to my beta readers, which means I’ve already […]

  • Treat It Like a Business

    Oftentimes, you hear the writing advice, “Treat it like a business.” When authors say that, most of the time what they mean is you have to write even when you don’t feel like it. Which is true. As E.B. White once put it, “a writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die […]

  • Six-Month Checkup: 2013 Edition

    Six-Month Checkup: 2013 Edition

    Checking in about my writing progress on The Ageless, a post-apocalyptic novel set in Earth’s future with fantasy elements. I’m a month late on this post, but there’s a good reason! I’m getting married to a certain fellow named +David Dorian Granruth in October. How do I feel about this? Although writing is still a priority, planning […]