Since I restarted serious writing in November, I haven’t read much science fiction or fantasy. Instead, I’ve mainly been reading blogs, SFF news sites, Twitter, and Google+ content.

Many authors have said that they read less now than before they were published. This is somewhat alarming to many writers, including me, considering how little I’m reading as it is.

I’ve only read four books since the start of the new year, which is pretty sad compared to my old reading rates. So to combat this, I’ve decided to go on a reading binge, choosing fifteen SFF books to read this year.
Comes to about two and a half weeks per book, which is still slow compared to how quickly I used to read. I’m hoping for at least two hours a day of reading, but we’ll see what happens. Fifteen may turn out to be too ambitious. 

Naturally these may change if I have a hard time getting ahold of one of these books or if I get hooked on a series. Wish me luck!

Goodreads tracked my 2012 reading goals as complete. You can see which SFF books I read on Goodreads even if you don’t log in.

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One response to “Binge-Reading”

  1. Raphael Winters Avatar
    Raphael Winters

    I heartily recommend Snow Crash, City of Ember, Hyperion, and the Windup Girl.