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  • Blogging and Writing Look So Easy

    This may be one of my last posts on my writing for a while, as I’ve finally realized (only took three months!) that’s not what my future audience is really interested in. I’m not trying to speak to other sci-fi and fantasy writers, but rather other SFF readers. This whole blogging thing takes more thought than I thought.…

  • 2012 Writing Goals

    The abridged version: Write three times a week, every week except around certain vacation times until The Ageless is done Finish the first draft of The Ageless  by June Let The Ageless rest Revise The Century starting in June Finish at least two drafts (?) of The Century by year’s end Find agents to submit…

  • Intersection

    Just finished writing 1,830 words on the subplot of The Ageless. I thought I’d stop there, having finally moved both groups into position, facing off against each other. But then I went ahead and wrote 545 from the main character’s viewpoint, to get me set up to write this awesome scene next time.