Blogging and Writing Look So Easy

This may be one of my last posts on my writing for a while, as I’ve finally realized (only took three months!) that’s not what my future audience is really interested in. I’m not trying to speak to other sci-fi and fantasy writers, but rather other SFF readers. This whole blogging thing takes more thought than I thought. Surprise!

So, let Act II begin! Look for future blog posts on topics such as:

  • Awe over recent scientific developments
  • Awe over recent technological advances
  • “What If?” posts regarding science, technology, politics, etc.
  • Thoughts on the science fiction and fantasy genre in general
  • Responses / parallel exploration of topics in other blogs
  • Remarks on past or upcoming works by some of my favorite SFF authors
  • Science fiction and fantasy book reviews (before I put them on Goodreads)
  • Science fiction and fantasy movie reviews

It’s going to be fun! I’m especially excited about the “What If?” posts I have planned.

Random Writing Tidbit</h3 So I’ve been tracking my writing times along with the number of words written (when I remember to) on each of my writing days. Turns out I write at a meandering pace of about 18 to 25 words per minute. Despite the fact that I can type at 82 wpm. Doing a little of the maths, we see that if I manage about 20 wpm and a novel is, say, 100,000 words, that would take about 5,000 minutes to write, or ~83 hours. If I write one hour three times a week, that’s 27 weeks or about half a year. So it should take half a year to finish a novel, right? Hah! If only it were so easy! That doesn’t take into account any of the work that goes into the novel before it’s at the writing stage—worldbuilding, characters, research, outlining. Nor what happens during the first draft besides writing—wrong turns, more research, changes to the outline, etc. Nor all the craziness that goes on afterwards—revising, rewriting, freaking out.

I’m getting very interested in how long that “afterwards” step might take, since The Century is due for revisions and rewrites this summer.

If you’re still interested in following along with my writing, you can always check out my Current Projects tab to find out how far along I am on The Ageless by looking at the calendar word count. I also always post the latest update to my current story in the top-right corner of this page (although it doesn’t yet show on the mobile version, sorry). And of course I’m sure I’ll be unable to restrain myself from back-patting posts here and there.