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  • Reading Retrospective

    Reading Retrospective

    In 2013, I didn’t read much in the science fiction and fantasy genre (or outside of it). I did much better in 2012, when I actually set a reading list for myself and went about completing it. This post is part of a series: Reading retrospective (what I managed to read in 2012 and 2013) […]

  • The Big Con Roundup: Worldcon & DragonCon

    The Big Con Roundup: Worldcon & DragonCon

    Since I didn’t have a chance to attend WorldCon or Dragon*Con this year, I’ve been jealously watching other people’s adventures. So I thought I’d do a round-up, in case you’re doing the same. Plus, there’s lots and lots of great fantasy and science fiction writing and publishing advice in these posts. But first, +Scott Edelman tells us […]

  • Obstacles in Writing

    Writing a novel is a strange experience, start to finish. Moments of euphoria — a character does something unexpected, you attain extra depth in a scene with one well-placed word, or a scene is easier to write than you expected — intersperse with moments of disdain — a character’s dialogue falls flat, a scene refuses […]