Tag: motivation

  • The Ageless: A Milestone

    This week marks a milestone in writing The Ageless. So even though I know I said I wouldn’t blog much about my own writing habits, I want to record this for my own sake. If this isn’t your cup of tea, next week I’ll be back with interesting topics in the science fiction and fantasy […]

  • Revelation

    As you can see from the writing calendar, we’re eight days into the new year, and I’ve only produced 3,000 new words in my science fiction novel, The Ageless. Not that word count is really how I measure success, but still. This week has presented some interesting challenges. Perhaps by documenting them, I can learn from […]

  • 2012 Writing Goals

    The abridged version: Write three times a week, every week except around certain vacation times until The Ageless is done Finish the first draft of The Ageless  by June Let The Ageless rest Revise The Century starting in June Finish at least two drafts (?) of The Century by year’s end Find agents to submit […]