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  • Subgenres and Themes of the Apocalypse

    In my last post, I discussed the difference between dystopian fiction and post-apocalyptic fiction, and mentioned how sometimes, one can be considered a subgenre of the other. Now I’m back to talk about the variety of themes, tropes, and subgenres within the post-apocalyptic genre. The word apocalypse originates from Greek, meaning to uncover or reveal. While […]

  • Does She Need a Valentine?

    Does She Need a Valentine?

    Today, Worldbinding is part of the Bloody Valentine Blog Hop. Blog hops allow various bloggers to write about similar topics and then link amongst themselves. You can hop to the other participants’ blogs at the end of this post. Will They or Won’t They? One of my biggest pet peeves in fiction — both on […]

  • You Would’ve Done the Same

    With a vibrant virtual reality, situations could be simulated that would rival reality. It would be great fun, but it would also be a helpful tool. In today’s court cases, the jury only imagines what a crime must have looked like. Sure, they can see photos of the aftermath. They can see video evidence. But […]