Tag: motivation

  • Intersection

    Just finished writing 1,830 words on the subplot of The Ageless. I thought I’d stop there, having finally moved both groups into position, facing off against each other. But then I went ahead and wrote 545 from the main character’s viewpoint, to get me set up to write this awesome scene next time.

  • Changing Gears

    Yesterday I worked entirely too much on this website. So last night, in preparation to write today, I: closed all browser windows (I’m a tabaholic) opened my story folder turned my laptop off tried to get a good night’s rest (I love sleep and need eight hours to function) I’ve found the lure of the…

  • Post-Thanksgiving

    So, as expected, Thanksgiving wrecked last week’s writing goals. However, the word count for last week wasn’t too shabby even though I only wrote one day. Finished the week at a little over 2,500 words. My natural tendency is to berate myself for my failings last week and become disheartened, thereby spiraling into another couple…