Traci Loudin needs YOU, beta readers!

Writing a novel is a huge undertaking, and it’s tough to keep everything straight after a couple drafts. After a while, I start to forget whether I foreshadowed that big event, whether a character revealed that crucial piece of information or kept it a secret, and whether their sudden change of heart was TOO out of character.

That’s why I need YOU!

Join the crew!

Join my beta reading crew! Before a software developer releases a new piece of software, they send it over to beta testers for quality control. Likewise, an author’s beta readers help spot all the bugs before the book ever hits shelves. (Digital or not.)

I need your help finding all the discrepancies and inconsistencies in my new epic fantasy novel before I publish it next year.


Why beta reading is awesome

You can shape the future of a published book! And since this is Book One of a planned series, your feedback could directly impact the entire series.

If you survive the entire book, your name will appear in the ebook Acknowledgments and in print in the paperback edition! Check out the Acknowledgments for The Last of the Ageless.


Beta reading details

  • Who: You and me, together we can conquer this beast!
  • What: Book One of a new epic fantasy with steampunk elements
  • When: The entire month of August
  • Where: Bring your own couch
  • Why: For honor and glory!
  • How: I’ll send you chapters each week via Dropbox in a Word doc OR as an ebook

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Or if you still have questions, check out the FAQs:

How is beta reading different from editing?
What will I be reading?
Have you done this before?
What do you need from me?
Do you have any examples of feedback?
What if I have some bad news?
Deadlines? What deadlines?
What’s this about Dropbox or Kindle?
Can I share or discuss the story with other people?





3 responses to “Traci Loudin needs YOU, beta readers!”

  1. Andrea Monticue Avatar
    Andrea Monticue

    I clicked on Sign Up, but received no confirmation. To avoid further confusion, I’ll just say that I’d be honored if you’d let me Beta Read for you.

    1. traciloudin Avatar

      Wow! You’ve already proven to be an invaluable beta tester, Andrea! Four characters in a page full of code can really make a difference! Hahaha… I’d be embarrassed, but I guess this further illustrates my point about why it’s important to have someone checking behind me. 🙂

      Would you mind testing the button one more time? Let me know if the signup form still gives you any trouble. THANK YOU!!!

      1. Andrea Monticue Avatar
        Andrea Monticue

        Okay. It worked this time. Best wishes for the writing project!