Geek Gala Halloween Bash

Two Years’ Worth of Books!?!

Halloween really is the best time of the year, when even non-geeks dress up and role-play as all manner of spooks.

Geek Gala Halloween BashIn keeping with last year’s tradition, Dorian and I — along with some pals — attended the Geek Gala put on by the esteemed Charlotte Geeks. I dressed as a pirate. They had a great backdrop reading “A – Z-ombies Day Care” for photos.

The Geek Gala (along with ConCarolinas and a couple other events) is one of the things that makes me glad to live in Charlotte. It’s just so cool to be surrounded by people who get all your jokes; who know all the books, movies, games, and shows you love; and who are otherwise just cool dudes.

So if you live anywhere near Charlotte and are looking for something fun to do for Halloween next year, I highly recommend the Geek Gala! This year we pre-registered at ConCarolinas, which meant we got the t-shirts with the totally cool logo on them for free.

We bought a ton of raffle tickets, which go toward the Children’s Home Society. Although we were hoping to win the Whedonverse basket, we instead came away with the largest and surely the heaviest basket of them all — the Geeky (Fiction) Reader.

It contained 41 books (most donated from Tor, I believe, which publishes most of my favorite authors). And out of those, only one had we previously read. So well done, if I do say! One was a G-rated version of Go the F*ck to Sleep (which you can hear narrated by Samuel L. Jackson and others).

That leaves the 39 books you see in the montage below. My 2012 reading challenge was 20 books. Which means, these books will probably constitute a whole two years’ worth of reading!

Traci’s Geek Gala Book Montage

Children of the Sun Beneath the Centuries
Blood Groove
The Lost Gate
So Much Things to Say: 100 Poets from the First Ten Years of the Calabash International Literary Festival
The Crippled God
Return of the Crimson Guard
The Book of Joby
Land of the Dead
San Diego Noir
The Lab
Green Witch
Blood Sword
Flank Hawk
Racing the Dark
Suite Scarlett


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At last year’s Geek Gala, we won the steampunk basket, which is where we got our VIP tickets to ConTemporal, another con in North Carolina I’d recommend.

In other news, NaNoWriMo is upon us! (And no matter what Chuck Wendig says, it’s pronounced Na-no-rye-moe!)

I’ve never participated in it, and this year will surely be no different. But I’ve decided that I should at least take on the spirit of NaNoWriMo, which is Butt In Chair, Hands On Keyboard. And it’s come to my attention that I’ve been much slower in writing The Century than I was in writing The Ageless.

So, instead of just writing three times a week, I’m going to amp that up to four times a week. Since November’s weeks aren’t nice and round, I’m counting starting Nov. 5 through Dec. 2.

Are you ready?





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  1. Darin Avatar

    Ha! Six of them used to be mine!!!

  2. […] widely. In some cases, they’re books I already own because I bought them, I won them (like during the Geek Gala), or someone bought them for me. In other cases, it’s because they’re readily available […]